Step 1 – Pick Your Door Design

Our craftsmen understand the strength and beauty of the Wood Collection that is defined by the materials we used to an exacting aesthetic and standard that complement a wide range of contemporary style homes from neoclassical to post medium.

Whatever the style of your home, Carriage House Doors will bring an added value and dimension of beauty for a lifetime.

Step 2 – Pick Your Materials



Paint Grade:

Paint grade doors are affordable, durable, and are the easy to maintain option. Wood composites have a smooth, flat surface finish, and paint is the only true option to produce an immaculate overall look.

Step 3 – Choose Your Textures

Paint Grade (Smooth Only)

Stain Grade:

  • Smooth
  • Resawn
  • Wire Brush

Step 4 – Choose Your Glass

Carriage House offers many different glass options to choose from. Clear and lightly tinted panes offer an abundance of natural light. Darker tints and pronounced textures offer great privacy. Whatever style door you choose, we have just the right glass to enhance its beauty. From clean and contemporary to rustic and antique.

Step 5 – Pick Your Hardware

The right hardware can make all the difference in creating a design that demands attention, or blend elegantly and seamlessly in the aesthetic of the home. We offer several lines of hardware styles tailored to many notable styles and are also happy to obtain any other style of hardware you may desire.