Once your work has finished, ours has really just begun…

After orders have been received, builds are created for every door that is to be built. These builds all have the necessary information to complete the construction of the sections of your doors.

There is paperwork that follows the build completed and is followed step by step in the creation of your door.

Once the builds are made the rail stock is cut.

All edges and intermediate frame parts are cut, builds are stacked on cut rail stock. Once the rail stock is cut, tenon are shaped are shaped onto the end of all required pieces.

After the rail stock is shaped, back sheets are pulled, checked for defects, color matched, cut, and staged for clamp.

The raw parts for each door are transferred to the clamp and each section is assembled. After the ridged frame is assembled but before the section is removed, from the clamp the luan back sheets are second checked and attached to the frame.

After the back sheets are attached all nails are set and puttied, and all backs are sanded and cut flush. If the door has windows, those would be framed, cut out, and the door would be stacked on the table.

The door is clamped, intermediate rails are marked from the rear of the door and the door is drilled for hinge placement.

After the door is drilled, it is flipped, insulated, and the face is sheeted solid. Once insulated and sheeted, the build is placed on top and is ready for the builders station.

The Garage Door Builder's Workshop

While the rail stock is being cut, the sections are assembled.

The Mill is hard at work, pulling face and trim for each door. Each piece of trim and face is pulled, color matched, checked for cracks, and finished sanding for every door.

Now the door is pulled into the builders station.

The face pack is pulled, opened, laid out, and the color is matched across the face of the door. Then this is looked over and double checked by a supervisor. If the face is good, it is then glued, blind, and nailed.

Once nailed, the face is then sanded.

Once the face is complete, the trim goes through a similar process, but is face nailed, puttied, and then sanded.

Building a garage door

After the trim is complete, the door is inspected and cut back into sections.
For some doors, this would be the end of its production, but this door has windows.

Window sections are taken to their own station, where the rear frames are built and rear mullions are inserted into the rear frames.
Mullions are built into the section. Rear frames are wrapped and stored until sections are ready for glass.

The garage door elements are ready for glass

Now the mullions and rear grids are done.
The section is transferred to the glazing department. Glaze is sized, cleaned, and inspected. The grid is prepared and each piece of glass is cut in by hand. It is then insulated and specialty glass is placed.

Now the door is finished and ready for shipment or installation.