Did you know that 1 in 15 garages may lack the latest safety features or many may not be operating properly? Well, most homeowners don’t. In fact, many consumers rarely think about their garage doors openers unless it’s not working when you’re trying to leave the house, let alone think it could be a potential safety hazard.


  1. Check the sides of the garage door for properly installed photo-eyes (black sensors) mounted no higher than 6 inches off the floor.
  2. Block the photo-eye with an object over 6 inches tall, then press the garage door opener’s close button. The lights on most openers should blink and the door should not close.
  3. Lay a 2 X 4 board (or 1 1/2” high equivalent) on the floor in the door’s path, then press the close button, the door should reverse direction when making contact with this object.

Is your garage really as safe as it should be? Homeowners report that 70% use the garage as the point of entry into their home. Make sure your garage is safe too with these important garage safety tips.

  • Children and Garage Safety: Keep tools, chemicals and sharp objects in locked cabinets or at least out of the reach of children.
  • Properly Store Flammable Items: Certain common household chemicals can ignite just by coming in contact with one another. Be sure to read warning labels and expiration dates. Store each securely in its own location.
  • Get Organized: Consider installing shelving or cabinets, then label each one. You’ll quickly find what you’re looking for while protecting the items and keeping them safely away from children and pets.
  • Make Garage Safety a Habit: Now you know how easy it is to turn your garage into a safer, more organized space. Make a habit of performing these safety checks whenever you test your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your garage, home and family safe at least once a year

It is our goal at Image Doors, as a LiftMaster certified Safety Check Dealer, to ensure that every garage door opener is equipped with the right safety features. If you would like a Garage Door and Opener Safety Checklist to test your garage doors, just send an email request via our contact form. When you complete the checklist, we are available to discuss your results and develop a plan for improvement together. If you decide to replace your garage door opener, the latest technology from LiftMaster MyQ has capabilities to add overall peace of mind by allowing homeowners to monitor, open and close the garage door anytime, from anywhere. You can visit www.liftmaster.com for more information.